Is it safe to travel to London


Remember London Bridge? Yes the one very famous for its architecture and catches eye of every traveler. I remember how my whole childhood I used to dream about travelling London. Europe is dream destination of every traveler enthusiastic. But what happened on June 3rd was something that created so many doubts in the mind of people. Now the question arises “Is it safe to travel to London? “. It was very safe about a month ago but then dark clouds of terrorism took over the United Kingdom. First Manchester and now London, the situation is very heart rending. But guess what? According to a recent survey the terrorist attacks in London have failed to reduce the number of travel enthusiasts who are going to travel to London this summer.

To answer the question which has arisen over the time, I would say there is not even a single country that is unsafe in Europe. If you’re a travel enthusiast don’t avoid London for this one reason because terrorism is not associated with a particular country. There is an overall elevate risk of terrorism all over the world. Terrorists are just Terrorists they have no nationality and religion. There is a long list of countries that have been targeted by terrorist during the past few years. Though the emotional aspect of this terrorist attack in London and media coverage has made impact on international travelers. There is fear and uncertainty among people since this attack has created very strong impact on the mind of people.

British authorities are taking precautionary measures in a very balanced way and multiple suspects have been arrested during last few days. Additional officers and police have been deployed for next few days in London. They have reassured that now it is safe to travel to London because they don’t want to lose their repute as one of the most famous travel destination worldwide.

In the scenario I have penned down above I would like to add that don’t be afraid just be aware and mark this summer as one of the most exciting summers of your life by travelling to London. There are few precautionary measures you need to take when you travel to London. Always use registered mini-cab and don’t hesitate to call at the emergency number 999 if you feel anything weird in your surroundings.

Now if we look back and pay some attention on the history of London , we will be amazed to see that 17.4 million foreigners visited London last year. London has become the tourist hub and million of people dream to visit it . London is a diverse and exciting city with some of the world’s best sights for the attraction of people. London has been famous for its Museums and galleries in whole world. Clock towers are common sight in many parts of the world with some being iconic example of clock tower is in London called Elizabeth Tower and it is also known as Big Ben. Another eye catching sight is London Bridge and London Eye, London eye is a giant Ferris wheel in the center of London. The most attracting thing of London is The Royal Family, many people visit London just to see royal family.

London has one of the largest urban transport networks in the world with integrated bus, river and road systems. Trains and platforms is a vast network of travelling in London. Taxis are also used in common in London for transport. The traditional color of taxis in London is black. London underground is known as a tube. It is the oldest underground network of railway transportation in the world.

So, there are always two sides of stories one is bright and other is dark. By mentioning the unfortunate incidents and telling the bitter reality of London I don’t want you to stop visiting London rather I just put good things about London in front of you too. Now its you who will decide the fate of any city or country when it is in crisis. I would say we must visit London but we should first took some precautionary measures. Some of the measures are , beware of card trap devices attached to ATM, do not be tempted to change money to anyone in the street offering a good deal , it’s a trap and illegal too. In the large cities people do all sort of different events and charities and mostly look authentic. Some are really authentic but most of them are scammers, you should simply avoid these things there. There are issues in transport of London some advice to use minicab, never use a unlicensed minicab. The drivers are mostly very honest and pleasant to talk to.

A single women travelers should not experience any distinct difference in treatment from the tourist. Always dress appropriate in all the circumstances. If you do find that you need police, fire brigade or an ambulance during emergency , just dial 999 or 112 from any landline or mobile. Police stations are located throughout the city. We should be aware that London is not as dangerous as some large cities in USA else where. their has been alarming increase in reports of assault, rapes and theft. According to reports it seems to be growing tendency among youth to travel in groups, so that they remain harmless.

Now its up to us how to tackle with these things either we should become sissy cats and stay back home and should die here or we should stand against terrorism and should explore world and tell terrorists that there coward attacks don’t let us keep quiet against you. I myself am a travel enthusiast and I want to explore whole world so at least I cant just sit back at my home and wait until terrorism will stop. And if we see the bigger picture terrorism is in whole world so should whole world keep quiet against them? Actually big NO , every single person has to pay his role to eliminate terrorism .this terrorism thing is not going to stop my believe and thinking about things. Actually terrorist want to stop people doing there will , world has become global village and it is need of hour to travel from one place to another. So I would say we should travel whole world including London and should explore the charm and beauty of nature and should see the wonders in the world.


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