Trendy Destination in 2017


Getting trapped in the hustle and bustle of modern day life can feel a lot like being trampled by a herd of buffalo. It demands so much from us. It squeezes and contorts us into little boxes for hours on end and demands that we don’t take our time with anything. From work to play, it is all rushed to squeeze as much into the little time we have on this planet. If you don’t burn out then society deems that you’ll fade away.


Even vacations aren’t vacations anymore. You leave home, take a flight to a foreign country and endure a nerve-racking trip on foreign roads with foreign road rules, just to sit at your holiday destination worrying about how hectic the trip back to the airport is going to be. You might think that there is no other way to do it and you’d be wrong.


You always have the option of taking one of those Luxury Trains to your Trendy Destination in 2017. If not, why not? Not only can you relax knowing that you’ve limited the chance of having some reckless foreign driver cut short the lives of everyone in your rented car but you don’t have to stop every two hours for a stretch. Another advantage of going by luxury train is spelled out in the name, You’ll enjoy all the amenities of a restaurant without stopping and losing precious time on the road.


Choosing a trendy destination is simple with a luxury train as your mode of transportation. The island of Japan with its beautiful countryside offers two routes aboard the Seven Stars in Kyushu. Spend two or four days on a deluxe sleeping car luxury-cum-excursion train that tours the southern part of Japan. With a piano for entertainment, a bar counter for a nightcap or two, deluxe suites for you to stretch out in, a mini kitchen for when you get peckish, shower rooms and toilets it’s like riding a hotel to wherever you want to go. The two-day itinerary is shorter and offers less scenery than the 4-day trip that travels from Hakata to Yufuin, then on to Miyazaki, through Miyakonojō, around to Hayato, then chugging into Kagoshima-Chuo, showing you the sights in Kagoshima, then on to Aso, setting off for Bungo-Mori before returning to Hakata.

Why not take the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and experience the stuff that mysteries are made of. Take a tour from London to Venice in a retro style luxury train that promises to be a trip to remember. See the sights that inspector Hercule Poirot would have seen as you pass through legendary European cities like Paris (home to the Arc de Triumph and the Eiffel Tower), Innsbruck (home to Bergiselschanze, one of the hills of the famous Four Hills Tournament)and Verona (The setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet). Treat yourself to a delectable fresh lobster brunch.

Train travel will gain new meaning for you aboard The Russian luxury train the Golden Eagle which features ensuite bathrooms, air-con in the summer, full heat in the winter, laundry services, TVs, a resident pianist and an English-speaking doctor. You might need to ease yourself into the extravagant style on the train but not to worry they provide five-star accommodations in Moscow and Vladivostok.

Two weeks on this train will have you feeling like you took sea cruise with all the outings along the way. The train skirts alongside the picturesque Lake Baikal before diverting to Ulaanbaatar the capital of Mongolia.

It’s lekker – as the South African’s say – to cruise in style from Pretoria to Capetown. South Africa’s Blue Train will rock you gently on its 1,600-kilometer journey across the country. It stops at Kimberley on the way down so you can see the famed hole and the diamond mines. On the route up it stops at the colonial outpost of Matjiesfontein. You would be hard-pressed to find a friendlier and more helpful staff that will cater to your every need be it a drink, a snack or even to iron your wrinkled clothes. Stretch your legs in a luxury double suites that have been fitted out with a full-size bathtub and watch the scenery pass you by in decadent luxury.

Talking about luxury trains and trendy destinations would be incomplete without mentioning the Transcantabrico in Spain. You will find yourself wondering if your train ticket was not a doorway into paradise. The train also features a luxury bus that catches up with the train to whisk you away at each stop for a sightseeing excursion. The excursions may not be all-encompassing but you will be spoiled by the exquisite wines, meals and overall experience of the Spanish countryside. You’ll be lost for words in places like the Picos de Europa National Park, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the awe-inspiring Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, and Altamira’s prehistoric cave.


The quiet serenity cannot be denied when you coast along the tracks in an ordinary train. Luxury trains take that serenity to the next level and pamper the patrons with 5-star treatment. From the time you set foot on the train until it’s time to leave for home you’ll be surrounded by comfort. You’ll be forgiven for pitying those that opted to take the car and partake in the raging road.


How sad that they preferred to spend hour upon hour in a cramped car, stopping every so often to freshen up and stretch. How sad they prefer keeping their eyelids open or cramming up in small hotel rooms while you lie stretched out in the lap of comfort.


You’d also be forgiven for wondering why you never thought of taking a luxury train to a trendy destination before 2017. You’re only human after all and humans do make up their own minds about where to stay and how to get there. You’re wiser now though. Surely you wouldn’t subject yourself to the discomfort of another road trip rife with hazards.


When next you start to plan your trip to a trendy destination, you’d do well to spare a thought or two for the journey. Will it be rushing and risking road rage or do you prefer the serenity of soothing near silence as you travel on your way? Not to mention the horrid risk of not ever reaching your destination at all which is reduced by the number of trains on a track versus the number of cars on a road. Luxury trains seem to be the safest way to travel in general with no way of falling from the sky, sinking into the ocean blue or of crashing into another luxury train.

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